WIPS and Random Art

This page is meant to show projects that are work-in-progress, general workflow, or reasonable practice work.  Latest work is at TOP.

Working on a side project to get some experience in Unity and possibly mobile portability.  Here are a few of the screenshots from 3dsmax so far:

Level blockout:

Low-res wall tiles, diffuse and normal:

High-res crates:

Low-res crates:

I was helping out a Baltimore indie startup on one of their first projects, Aurora.  It was a basic space shooter and they had some basic gameplay but they wanted to revamp the art.  I only worked with them for a few months in my spare time and here you can see a few of the elements I built for them.

Planet revisions:


Animated ships and effects:


And to give an idea of what the game looked like before to only a little bit later:

I don't do much stylized work so I wanted to keep trying out some techniques. Here is a WIP tileable roof texture for the medieval house.

And kind of how it might look on a basic roof?

Below is an example of me going for more of a stylized approach to an asset.  Typically I push more for photo-real so it was a good exercise which I might expand upon. Screengrab from Marmoset.

Updated with ground texture made in ZBrush (ZBrush screengrab posted).  Textured shot from Marmoset.

I started working on a blockout for a theater in UDK.  Below is a textured low-poly seat set and the high-poly along with in-viewport blockout screengrabs.
Displayed in Max 2012 and UDK viewports.

Bumper Car Arena
This was started with an intention to work on a section of an old amusement park.  
Displayed in Max 2012, Marmoset and UDK viewports.

UDK viewport render of the current status.

Final tile variations with texture pass.  Next step is using these variants to lay out the arena walls.  Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag.

Texturing progress on tiles.  This is in MAX viewport, diffuse texture only.

Here are higher-res block-ins for the straight wall pieces.  I did make a few changes to these after looking closer at real-world architecture from this time period.

Here is the original blockout in 3DSMax.

This is a cooler model that I figured I could use as a prop in the scene and get familiar with UDK.

The screens below are backgrounds I created for an independent iPhone game, Germs.  The project was put on hold while the programmer needed to shift focus.

Back in 2009 I worked with a friend of mine on a short film. It was for a local festival a former classmate of mine runs called Project 21. We had 21 days to do the entire film from conception to final. I was mainly responsible in the concept phase and the layouts of the shots. It was fun and a learning experience.